Breakfast and Afterschool Club

At each setting we provide a Breakfast and Afterschool club, providing much needed wrap around care for parents/carers. During these clubs we offer a full and fun rich experience in a safe and warm environment.  During our clubs we follow the play work principles

 Play work Principles:

These Principles establish the professional and ethical framework for play work and as such must be regarded as a whole.  Little Nipperz recognise and adhere to these principles during all sessions.

They describe what is unique about play and play work, and provide the play work perspective for working with children and young people.

They are based on the recognition that children and young people’s capacity for positive development will be enhanced if given access to the broadest range of environments and play opportunities.

  1. All children and young people need to play. The impulse to play is innate. Play is a biological, psychological and social necessity, and is fundamental to the healthy development and wellbeing of individuals and communities.
  2. Play is a process that is freely chosen, personally directed and intrinsically motivated. That is, children and young people determine and control the content and intent of their play, by following their own instincts, ideas and interests, in their own way for their own reasons.
  3. The prime focus and essence of play work is to support and facilitate the play process and this should inform the development of play policy, strategy, training and education.
  4. For playworkers, the play process takes precedence and playworkers act as advocates for play when engaging with adult led agendas.
  5. The role of the playworker is to support all children and young people in the creation of a space in which they can play.
  6. The playworker’s response to children and young people playing is based on a sound up to date knowledge of the play process, and reflective practice.
  7. Playworkers recognize their own impact on the play space and also the impact of children and young people’s play on the playworker. 
  8. Playworkers choose an intervention style that enables children and young people to extend their play. All playworker intervention must balance risk with the developmental benefit and wellbeing of children.






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